The variety of communities and lifestyles, range of housing projects and prices, and proximity to Israel's metropolitan cities will enable you to pick your ideal place for establishing your new home.

The friendly and welcoming nature of the residents is a significant asset, accompanied by a support network assisting in the process of Aliya and integration into Israeli life.

The proximity to Jerusalem and Tel Aviv opens up a variety of  possibilities: employment, advance medical services, shopping, leisure - and all within an hour‘s drive away!

Enjoy the benefits of the city while living in the suburbs!


Binyamin communities derive between small, medium and large towns. Some communities are defined religious (Dati Leumi, Torani), Ultra-Orthodox (Charedi) or Secular towns, others are open for everyone.

 The small communities which have less than 400 families have a reception process which changes from place to place.  It mostly includes a meeting with a welcoming committee, a tour of the community (virtual tours during corona are possible as well) and in the religious communities it is also recommended to spend a Shabbat in order to experience the community.

Religious communities: Mitzpeh Yericho, Neve Tzuf, Shiloh, Shvut Rachel, Dolev, Talmon, Keem Reim, Ofra, Eli, Michmash, Hashmonaim

Secular/mixed communities: Kfar Adumim, Alon, Nofei Prat, Naaleh, Nili, Eli

Ultra-Orthodox (Charedi) communities: Ganei Modiin, Adam, Tel Zion, Nachliel


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