Close to 300 religious families reside in the vibrant Dati Leumi community of Talmon. Located in the Binyamin region, in the heart of Gush Talmonim, 30 minutes from Modiin, surrounded by beautiful mountains and natural springs. Founded 30 years ago, Talmon has a wide range of families from young couples to families with growing children.

Residents of Talmon enjoy a vibrant community life in a Torah atmosphere with Minyanim and daily Shiurim alongside cultural activities, guest speakers and chessed oriented projects. All this in addition to being active in community life, being involved in various different committees and taking part in community initiatives.    



Talmon has a daycare center (Maon) for babies and toddlers from infancy through age 3, as well as three kindergartens and a Gan Safa. The boys attend "Ariel" elementary school in Talmon and the girls attend "Derech Yehudit" in the neighboring community of Dolev. For high school, the girls mostly attend "Ulpanat Neriya" in the neighboring community Neriya and the boys attend "Ner Tamid" in Chashmonaim although many choose to travel to various dorm schools around the country.


Talmon takes great pride in its youth. There is a vibrant Bnei Akiva snif in Talmon, as well as many activities for youth starting in the 7th grade. Summers are packed with exciting activities and creative ways to involve the youth in doing good for others.  Volunteering is a major focus of youth activities.


Talmon residents work all over the country traveling daily to Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Modiin and more. Many residents work in the Binyamin region and towns in the area. Residents work in a large variety of professions such as doctors, lawyers, high-tech, para-medical, social work, education etc.


Various housing options are available. There are rental units as well as caravans, caravillas (enlarged caravans). There are a few houses and apartments for rent/sale.

Future neigborhoods

Two more buildings are currently underway as part of a 4 building complex, in addition to a building project of 120 units which is in the beginning stages.


For more information please contact:

Malkie Turetsky   052-459-0963

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