Nofei Prat was established in 1992 by 30 families, who composed two groups – Oriyah, the religious group, and Tal, the secular group. The same is true today – Nofei Prat is a mixed yishuv where there is room for secular, traditional and religious Jews alike, and everything in between. A place for everyone.

The yishuv is run by various committees, who operate all aspects of community life.

 Today, Nofei Prat is home to 250 families, and looking ahead to the construction of an additional neighborhood in the coming years.

Geographic location: 

Nofei Prat is at the edge of the Judean Desert, on the mountain ridge that soars above the southern bank of Nahal Prat – Wadi Qelt, hence its name.

The breathtaking desert landscape, combined with local springs, special desert blooms in the winter, and the unique desert hues in the summer, is enchanting.

Nofei Prat is in the heart of an area full of hiking trails, trails for bicycles and jeeps, and special local animals like mountain gazelles, foxes and porcupines.

Nearby cities:

Jerusalem is 25 minutes away, and Maale Adumim is 15 minutes away. Driving to the Central region takes about an hour.

Nofei Prat is part of the Gush Adumim towns, together with Kfar Adumim and Alon, which are all characterized by their mixed religious-secular populations and cooperation on issues such as education (joint schools), youth movements, cultural events and more.


There are 3 schools in Gush Adumim for all ages, which combine educational programs for all children – religious and secular alike.

In addition, students can study in Maale Adumim, Jerusalem or anywhere in the country, based on the student’s needs and the philosophy of each individual family.

In Gush Adumim, there is a co-ed Tzofim (Israeli Scouts) group, which is one of the biggest in the country, attended by children from all of the yishuvim in the Gush.

Gush Adumim offers a wide range of enrichment classes in various areas, open to all of the children in the three yishuvim.

Local services:

*Yishuv offices

*Daycare and kindergarten through Pre-1st





*A range of enrichment classes


The schools are located in Kfar Adumim, a 5-minute drive away.

There is also a local mini-market and an amazing swimming pool which is open during the summer.

Various local businesses are located in the area and provide services such as printing, graphic design, restaurants and more.