Eli was founded on the 14th of Elul 5744 (1984). It is located in the Binyamin Region, about a 35-minute drive from Jerusalem and 40 minutes from the Dan region. Since it’s establishment, the primary focus has been on growth, absorption and development of a urban-style center for the residents of the region.
The yishuv is composed of about 1,000 families from the entire spectrum of Israeli society, who live together in seven neighborhoods spread over almost 6,300 dunams of land, with breathtaking landscapes in every direction. Each neighborhood in the yishuv has its own unique character, and we encourage community leadership by the residents, who take responsibility for community life in Eli.

The Community
The residents of Eli are involved, each in their own field, in the continued progress of the State of Israel in all areas of life. Educators, freelancers, high-tech professionals, yeshiva students, college students, military career officers, and more all make up the unique, diverse population of the yishuv. Our doors are open to any Jewish person interested in joining the settlement dream in Eli.

We are especially proud of our schools: daycare centers and a system of kindergartens that operate in the different communities, elementary schools (girls/boys), a Talmud Torah school, a Torani elementary school for girls and a Yeshiva high school. In addition, the Bnei David institutions are composed of about 500 yeshiva students in different learning programs. Bnei David prepares its graduates for significant military service in senior command positions, leadership positions in the public sector and integration into all areas of life in the State of Israel.

Local Services
Eli is a regional center that offers urban and community services to residents of the neighboring yishuvim: a shopping and business center, health services and municipal services, a sports center with a large swimming pool, an educational-community center commemorating members of the yishuv who fell in Israel’s wars, where a range of cultural events are hosted for all ages.

Housing Options and Future Plans for Expansion

There are various housing units available for rental, ranging from 40 to 240 square meters each, with between 2-5 bedrooms. Rental prices range between NIS 1500 to 4000 a month.
There are several new construction projects underway in Eli, with duplexes and detached homes. Over the next five years, an additional 400 housing units are scheduled to be  built. 

You’re invited to join us and choose the home and the community that best suits you in one of the neighborhoods of Eli. Together, we will continue to fill Eli with homes and streets vibrant with life and growth, thereby strengthening the settlement and the communities in Eli and in Israel as a whole.

Yishuv offices: 02-9943333,

Absorption coordinator - Michal Vizel: 052-420-1411

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