Nachliel is part of the Dolev-Talmonim region, which is currently composed of 6 vibrant community-style yishuvim: Nachliel, Kerem Reim, Nerya, Charesha, Talmon and Dolev. Nachliel is located in western Binyamin, a fifteen-minute drive from the city of Modiin. The yishuv is surrounded by green, mountainous landscapes, in the historical region of the tribe of Efrayim.

The region of Nachliel and western Binyamin is rich with Jewish history, and was an especially important location during the period when the Hasmoneans fought the Greeks for independence in the Land of Israel. Numerous archaeological artifacts are scattered throughout the region, which attracts many visitors. The climate is pleasant and moderate throughout most of the year, with temperatures similar to those in Jerusalem.


Nachliel was established on the holiday of Sukkot in 1985 by a group that belonged to the Ezra youth movement. There are currently 110 families living in the yishuv. Nachliel is characterized by a warm community atmosphere and a sense of mutual caring and concern.

During the afternoon hours, the playgrounds and streets are filled with boys and girls playing freely and safely outside.

Nachliel is home to religious families of various different styles. When you come to pray here, you can find all of the different types of kippahs that you can imagine: shtreimels, Breslever kippahs, black kippahs, knitted kippahs, and more. The many different types of kippahs and styles of the residents create a special community of people who live as good neighbors.


Great effort is invested in cultural activities throughout the year. Every month, there are special events for women and for men, featuring performances, interesting lectures, and other events.

In terms of religious life as well, great effort is invested, and Torah classes are regularly held for children, men and women. The Ariel youth movement is active in the yishuv, with separate groups for boys and girls. The movement has grown and developed significantly over the past years.


There is a wonderful daycare center in the yishuv, as well as kindergartens. Ages 4-5 attend separate kindergartens for boys and girls.

For their elementary and high school studies, children in the yishuv can choose from the various schools located in the neighboring yishuvim, a 5-minute drive away.


Residents of the yishuv often do their shopping and other errands in Kiryat Sefer and Modiin. Kiryat Sefer is 20 minutes away.

- There is a mini-market in the yishuv that provides an abundance of products.

- Health clinic.

- A large, diverse library.

Future growth and development:

There are currently many new building projects underway in the yishuv, with about 300 new housing units under construction.

The Binyamin Regional Council, in conjunction with the government authorities, is planning to establish an innovative residential complex adjacent to the yishuv that will populated by thousands of religious families. This is part of the vision that aims to turn the west Binyamin yishuvim into a populated, developed and flourishing region that is just a short drive away from Modiin and Tel Aviv.