Naaleh is a secular, urban-style yishuv located in West Binyamin, about a half-hour drive from Jerusalem and from Tel Aviv. There are currently 480 families living in the yishuv, which is in the process of growing and developing. The yishuv, built on the top of a mountain, overlooks the Tel Aviv flatlands and the coastline of Israel. The community in Naaleh is young and vibrant, and represents a broad, diverse range of Israeli society.


In Naaleh, there are daycares, kindergartens, an elementary school, an afternoon daycare program and after-school club (for school children). Together, these institutions offer a high level of education to the children of the yishuv and of the surrounding area – close to home. For junior high and high school, the students travel to the nearby city of Modiin via organized school buses, arranged by the regional council. The youth group “Tzofim” (Israeli Scouts) is active in the yishuv and provides high-quality activities for children between the ages of 4th-12th grade.


The yishuv’s office provides local services and post office services.

There is a semi-Olympic swimming pool in Naaleh that is open in the summer months. At the pool, there is a designated swimming lane, a wading pool for younger children, a kiosk with healthy options, grassy areas and shade.


There is vibrant community life in Naaleh that includes cultural and other activities for adults, children, and teens, with the goal of creating a culturally-rich community that is strong in all areas of life. The yishuv has a designated community and cultural coordinator, as well as a youth and extracurricular activities coordinator, who are responsible for the informal educational activities for the benefit of the residents. These include: plays, story times, summer events, ceremonies and celebrations on Israeli holidays, lectures, sports days, and more…


Most residents of Naaleh work in the Center or in Jerusalem. High-tech industrial zones that are developing near Modiin are a new point of attraction for employment and sources of income. In Naaleh, it is possible to build private businesses on lots designated specifically for this purpose.

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