Dolev was established in 1984, and is currently home to 300 families. The population is Modern Orthodox, and many families are the second generation in the yishuv – children who grew up in Neve Tzuf and chose to build their own homes in the same place. It is located in west Binyamin in the heart of a natural forest, and is surrounded by a beautiful landscape of olive groves and vineyards.


Dolev is in west Binyamin, a 25-minute drive from Modi’in and about 50 minutes from Jerusalem and Tel Aviv (when there is no traffic). The nature reserve Nahal Delavim is at the foot of the yishuv, and there are several beautiful, accessible streams close by.


The community in the yishuv is warm, friendly and constantly involved in mutual assistance. Many residents volunteer on the different committees. Community and cultural life in the yishuv are diverse and include programs for the entire population or specifically for different age groups. There is a maternity club in the yishuv for women who have recently given birth, where women can reach out to each other and meet twice a month for breakfast, an activity, a lecture or a relaxing treat organized especially for them. There are groups of wives of career military officers/police officers who meet once a month for a lecture, to learn together or for a treat.

During the year, there are various activities for children and families, bonding activities for young couples and cultural events.

In addition, there is a senior citizens club that meets twice a week with activities by volunteers from the community.


In Dolev, there are playgroups and a daycare center for toddlers, kindergartens and a special education kindergarten, and a girls’ elementary school for 1st – 6th grade students (the boys study in Talmon and have school buses). There is also a girls’ high school for at-risk students that was established during the yishuv’s early years as a social-communal project. Many residents of the yishuv work at the high school, and many families volunteer to host girls for Shabbat meals when they stay in the dormitory over the weekend.

There is a Bnei Akiva youth group in the yishuv as well as youth coordinators for 7-8th graders and for high school students. The youth of the yishuv is one of the community’s biggest prides. They are Zionist, ethical and socially involved.

Local Services

Religious services: there are several synagogues, mikvahs for women and men, a Kollel, Torah classes, and an afternoon Talmud-Torah program for children.

Dolev has a rabbi who teaches Torah in various settings, helps and answers the questions of the residents in all areas of public life.

General services: there is a mini-market, an event hall, a gymnasium, a swimming pool (open in the summer), a library, Leumit health clinic, a dental clinic, a youth lounge and two playrooms for preschool children. There are local businesses that operate in the yishuv, and a new commercial center has just been completed, with offices for rent.

Available Housing and Future Expansion Plans

The yishuv is currently developing and expanding, with new neighborhoods under construction.

The Amana construction company has planned 60 housing units and are working on development and laying foundations at the moment. There will be 6 apartments in each building, and the advertising and sale stage is scheduled to begin soon.

A new neighborhood is currently being planned, which will have 382 housing units, as well as schools and public areas.

For further information please contact:

Atara Rothstein, email:  [email protected]