In the Binyamin mountains, in the heart of the Dolev-Talmonim region, at a beautiful point where nature and water meet, a group of families came together to establish a new yishuv in Judea and Samaria, in memory of three Re’im (friends) - Amichai Merchavia, Yoni Netanel and Shmuel Weiss, who fell in Israel’s wars.

Kerem Re’im is one of the few new yishuvim established in Judea and Samaria in recent years, and it is growing very quickly and on a high level. Over the past few years, the yishuv has welcomed dozens of new families who decided to build their homes in Kerem Re’im, as part of its vision of creating a growing, developing community in the young yishuv.

The yishuv borders with the neighboring yishuvim of Nachliel, Talmon and Nerya, and is about 25 minutes away from Modi’in and 50 minutes from Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. There are dozens of nature hikes and natural springs in close proximity to the yishuv, which is a great advantage of the location. Most of the residents of Kerem Re’im work in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and cities in between. Some even continue southward to Ashdod and northward to Haifa.

There are currently about 100 families in the yishuv and over 250 children. There are three kindergartens in the yishuv and a daycare center with over 8 different groups. The elementary school children have school buses that take them back and forth to the different schools.

Another important element about the yishuv is the community. Kerem Re’im is an open community, and has no acceptance committee. The yishuv believes that the land of Israel believes in anyone who wants to live in it, and it follows this ideal by accepting anyone who is interested in taking part in a constantly developing and growing yishuv.

Although the yishuv is still in its early stages, it operates like an established yishuv, with a manager and members of the management, various different committees in which the residents take part, a community coordinator, mutual assistance during times of joy and crisis, an assistance fund for the needy, special events for women and men, learning groups and a soccer team.

Kerem Re’im has a beautiful synagogue, a mikveh, a basketball and soccer court, a huge playground, a library, kindergartens and daycare centers.

Our Yishuv is Growing!

We currently have two permanent neighborhoods that are populated, another neighborhood that is meant to be ready next summer, and another neighborhood that is currently in the marketing stage. Future plans include construction of about 300 housing units that are already approved in the Urban Zoning Plan, with detached homes and apartment complexes. Caravans and private homes are also available for rent.

The yishuv is planning to build additional synagogues, playgrounds, a mini-market, a HMO clinic and hopefully a school too.

We are privileged to watch as our yishuv grows and develops on a daily basis. Another road, another house, another new daycare center that opens, another new tree that blooms. Being part of a growing community means being part of something big.

Contact person:

Dudait Recanati,  [email protected]

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