Making Aliyah to Israel is the realization of a dream, and it’s also a process that includes many steps – large and small.

During your Aliyah process, you’ll find many partners – Aliyah and absorption organizations according to country of origin, the Jewish Agency, the Ministry of Absorption and more.

On our website, you can find information about yishuvim in the Binyamin region, located north of Jerusalem, as well as advice regarding absorption into the different communities. Making Aliyah to a community-oriented yishuv has many advantages: the warm, family-style atmosphere, a more gradual adaptation process to life in Israel, the cultural changes, the new language and more. Living next to other new Olim and veteran Olim who already underwent the process will give you someone to consult with and make the transition smoother.

In a community-style yishuv, there is a community and absorption coordinator, a youth coordinator, and other official positions who can help you when necessary.

The regional council is also involved with the different segments of the population – children, adolescents, young families and senior citizens in the community.

Over the course of the year, there are special events designated for Olim – professional lectures on various topics, employment guidance, tours of the country, and more.

We have collected for you a few short stories about Olim in our yishuvim who share their Aliyah experience and their choice to join the yishuv that they call home today.

Waiting for you with open arms…

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West Binyamin:     Naaleh    Dolev    Talmon    Neriya    Kerem Reim    Nachliel    Neve Tzuf


Olim Share thier Aliya stories:

Kerem Reim

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