Neria is a Torani National Religious Yishuv under the auspices of the Mateh Binyamin regional council. The Yishuv is located in the Gush Talmonim bloc, in the heart of nature. The Yishuv was established in 1991 and was named after Rabbi Moshe Tzvi Neria.

Neria was established by a group of families which was then joined by a group from the Mercaz HaRav Yeshiva. And today has many who were students of Har hamor, Gush etzion and other such yeshivas.

There are 370 families currently living in Neria. Many of the families are second generation to the Yishuv, children who were raised on the Yishuv and chose to raise their own families here.

The Community

The Rav of the Yishuv is Rav Michael Hershkovits SHLIT”A.

Neria is a warm community made up of wonderful people full of Chesed, friendship and growth.

The community life and culture are geared towards the several different age populations found here.

Throughout the year one can find activities for children and families, for young couples, and for the many different age groups.

In Neria you can find people who work in a variety of professions such as in hi-tech, academics, Rabbis, those who work in agriculture, and avreichim.

You can find grandparents, and their grandchildren, along with newly married couples, along those who have not yet built their home.

The community of Neria is a growing one, with many Va’adot, incuding an emergency personnel and many volunteers contributing to the yishuv’s growth.

The teens (Noar) of Neria are quality and caring bunch who invest their time and resources into the community.

Ma’ayanot Aner, a  water nature reserve located right outside of the Yishuv, is upkept by the older Noar of the Yishuv. The Noar help to build and develop the area showing their dedication to the community and to Zionism.


In Gush Talmonim there is a wide range of educational institutions. In Neria there is a daycare center (Ma’on) for ages 0-3, kindergartens (ganim) for ages 3-5, a boys Talmud Torah (grades 1-8), a girls Talmud Torah (currently grades 1-3, and growing every year!), and a girls Ulpana (grades 7-12). In the greater Gush there are more boys and girls elementary schools which also cater to Neria.

Informal Education:

 In Neria there is the youth group Ariel. Children start attending Ariel in Grade 4, boys and girls separately. In addition, the Yishuv provides a “Rakaz” and “Rakezet” for the young teenagers, as well as the older teenagers, separate for boys and for girls.

There are also families that volunteer to “adopt” a grade and serve as another “team” that works with our older youth.

Chugim: There are various extracurricular activities (chugim) on the Yishuv for children to take part in after school hours, such as karate, dance, and woodworking, for example.

Local Services:

Religious services: On the Yishuv there are several synagogues, i.e. Ashkenazi, Sephardi, and Teimani.

There is a Mikva for women as well as for men.

There is a Kollel, and many different Torah shiurim in the evenings.

General Services: There is a supermarket on the Yishuv, a Simcha hall, a Yishuv “moadon,” a multi- purpose room, a library, a clubhouse for teens, a petting zoo, a second- hand clothing store, in addition to small local businesses.

Housing availability and future plans for growth:

On the Yishuv there are a number of rental units, houses, and apartments available to rent in all three areas: the caravan community, the main community, and the neighborhood of Zayit Ra’anan.

There are several housing projects including duplexes and apartment buildings, with future plans for building and expansion.

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