Maale Michmas was established in 1981 and is home to about 290 families. The population in Maale Michmas is composed of residents from across the religious-Zionist spectrum who live together in harmony, openness and tolerance of each other.

Maale Michmas is constantly welcoming new families to the community, both young couples from outside of the yishuv and quite a few couples who grew up in the yishuv and chose to build their own homes there as well. There are a range of new immigrants from different countries (United States, South America, France and more).

Michmas is located in west Binyamin, overlooking gorgeous landscapes of Jerusalem, Samaria, the Jordan Valley and even the Dead Sea…

Geography and History

The yishuv is located near the Alon Highway, about 12 kilometers north of Wadi Qelt. Michmas is in the portion of the tribe of Binyamin, on hills that are 600 meters above sea level. From the yishuv, it is possible to see the portion of the tribe of Yehuda in the south, from the mountains of Gush Etzion and the Herodian to the southern neighborhoods of Jerusalem, Maale Adumim and the Judean Desert. To the east, the yishuv overlooks the Dead See and the Judean Desert, as well as the Moab Mountains across the Jordan River – the biblical portions of Gad and Reuven. To the north is the portion of Efrayim, the mountains of Beit El and Har Hatzor, and to the north east, across the Jordan, is the Yabbok River and further, the Gilad mountains, which is the portion of the tribe of Menashe.

Michmas is not mentioned in the book of Yehoshua, and it seems that it was built by the tribe of Binyamin. This was the location where the first war of independence that Israel fought and won against the Philistines. (Shmuel I:13-14)

A Jewish farm house was uncovered in Michmas from the days of King Yoshiyahu, toward the end of the First Temple period.

During the Second Temple period, very fine wheat was grown in Michmas and used for the Mincha offerings in the Temple. “Michmas and Yinocha – the best for fine flour…” (Mishna Menachot 8:1).


The community is diverse, warm and based on mutual assistance thanks to good neighbors and friendships. When necessary, the yishuv’s offices also provide professional assistance.

There is a coordinator of cultural and community affairs who organizes various different activities for all age groups in the yishuv, from kindergarten to senior citizens. A senior citizen club is currently being established.


There are small daycare groups as well as a large daycare facility for babies and toddlers. There are also kindergartens, an elementary school for grades 1-6 and a Talmud Torah for grades 1-8.

There are branches of both the Bnei Akiva and Ariel youth movements, as well as youth coordinators for younger and older teens. The youth in the yishuv are actively involved in community life and in organizing various events, as well as volunteering outside of the yishuv.

Local Services:

Religious services: There are several synagogues in Michmas, a mikveh for women and a mikveh for men, a Rabbi of the yishuv, and Torah classes.

General services: There is a mini-market, community center with a hall for hosting events, a library, a youth club, a second-hand store, and an industrial zone.

Shopping center: The Shaar Binyamin commercial center is a 5 minute-drive away.

Available housing and future plans for expansion:

There are several homes for rent in Michmas, as well as smaller housing units adjacent to private homes. The sizes of the units and homes range from between 2 to 5 rooms.

The Mateh Binyamin Development Company is currently marketing an apartment project in Michmas, and another project will enter the marketing stage soon, built by the Harei Zahav construction company.

More information about some of the new building projects can be viewed here