A Bit of Background: Shiloh is a religious community-style yishuv established in 1978. The original founders strived to establish a community that would live its life in the spirit of the Torah and continue the tradition of the spiritual center that existed in Shiloh during the period of the Mishkan (Tabernacle).

There are currently about 400 families living in the yishuv, which serves as a regional center in terms of schools, agriculture, shopping and employment, for all of the smaller yishuvim in the area. The yishuv is a significant point of attraction for families interested in building their homes and joining the community, and it has been blessed with several construction initiatives that are expanding its borders.

Schools and Educational Institutions

Shiloh has a daycare center, 6 kindergartens and a special education kindergarten, Mifgash - a therapy center, separate elementary schools for boys and girls, a Yeshiva high school for boys and an Ulpana for girls, a Yeshiva and a Kollel.

  • Yeshivat Shiloh

The main focus of the Yeshiva is on interactive, deep study of Halacha.

The Yeshiva has a Hesder track, an integrated track and a Beit Midrash track, a Kollel for married men and a range of lectures in Emunah, Hashkafa and Chassidut that are open to the general public.

  • Ulpana - High School for Girls: Amit Shiloh is a growing high school with a warm, family-style atmosphere for girls from grades 7 to 12. The Ulpana offers innovative learning spaces and classes in stage arts such as theater, dance, gymnastics, arts and music: flute, guitar, and more...
  • Elementary schools: There are two regional schools in Shiloh that are part of the religious public school system, attended by children from all of the surrounding yishuvim in the region - Ohel Shiloh Boys and Ohel Shiloh Girls. The schools provide extra hours of classes in the afternoon that include enhanced Torah studies and special extracurricular activities. There is also a petting zoo onsite and other enrichment classes. Graduates of the schools continue at the top Ulpanot and Yeshiva high schools in the country.
  • There are six regular kindergartens in Shiloh divided by age groups, as well as a special education kindergarten. Registration for the kindergartens is through the Kindergartens Department at the regional council.
  • Afternoon childcare: There is an afternoon childcare program run by the Ministry of Education. It operates between 2:00-4:00 PM.
  • Daycare Center:   For children between the ages of 3 months to 3 years. Registration for the daycare center is through the Binyamin Regional Council. There are also private daycares in the yishuv.

Activities and Informal Education

  • Enrichment Classes (Chugim): Shiloh has an extensive, diverse system of enrichment classes at discounted family prices, with weekly classes for children, women and men.  For information about the classes and to register, contact the Chugim coordinator.
  • Vehadarta - Senior Citizens’ Club: There is a senior citizens’ club in Shiloh for the older population. Vehadarta offers a range of different activities throughout the week, including craft classes, a Hebrew ulpan, exercise classes, interesting speakers, movie viewings and more. The Vehadarta volunteers also help the elderly when they are in need of assistance regarding various issues.
  • The Shiloh library has a large selection of books for children, adolescents and adults. There are also books in English on various levels. The library has story time events featuring professional actors on several occasions throughout the year, as well as special events in honor of National Book Week.
  • A playroom with games for early childhood aged children up to first grade (inclusive), accompanied by an adult.
  • Maternity Club: A club for women who have recently given birth. The club meets once a week. The meetings are free of charge and include breakfast, coffee and cake, workshops, lectures on various relevant topics and a club staff who are there to listen and help when necessary.
  • Bnei Akiva: The Snif has separate activities for boys and girls from 4th to 8th grade, as well as a mixed Chevraya Bet for teens from 9th to 12th grade.
  • Talmud Torah: Informal daily afternoon Torah classes that are taught according to age groups for children from the age of Pre-1 to 8th grade, to study Torah, Neviim, Mishna and Gemara. 
  • Or Rachela: A learning program during the afternoon hours for girls in Shiloh. Aside from the regular classes, there are also occasional outings and special events on Rosh Chodesh and before holidays.
  • Shiurim: There are a range of shiurim offered for men, women, adolescents and children on weekdays and on Shabbat. For your convenience, this “kit” includes a list of the shiurim.


Medical Services in Shiloh

  • Medical Clinics in the Yishuv: There are two HMO clinics in Shiloh - for members of Leumit and Clalit.
  • Mifgash:  A therapy center offering a range of different types of therapies and treatments, managed by Shilat Yogev. The center offers assistance for children with developmental issues, special needs and emotional needs provided by first-rate professionals.

Synagogues and Mikvehs:

There are a number of synagogues and different minyans in Shiloh, as well as a Mikveh for women and a Mikveh for men.

Physical Activity: 

There is a basketball court and a court for handball, volleyball, and tennis in the Ramat Shmuel neighborhood of Shiloh.  There is also an open-air park with exercise equipment available to the public at Gan HaTut (Mulberry Park).

  • Swimming Pool: The swimming pool is open during the summer months.
  • There is a fully-equipped gym in the industrial zone of Shiloh. 

Restaurants and entertainment:

  • Merlot - Dairy restaurant
  • Pizza Shiloh - Adjacent to the restaurant
  • Escape Rooms
  • Bracha Cafe

Businesses in Shiloh and in the Shiloh Industrial Zone:

  • Super Zol supermarket
  • Devarim Yafim – a shop with clothes, gifts and school and art supplies.
  • Tefillin leather factory
  • HaCohanim - building supplies and hardware store
  • Scrap metal factory
  • Super Menachem supermarket and Menachem Stock
  • Factory and offices of Meshek Achiya olive oil
  • Metalworks factory
  • Aluminum framing factory
  • Shiloh Winery
  • Paltin - Architecture firm
  • Carpentry shop

Ancient Shiloh

At the site where the Mishkan (Tabernacle) stood for 369 years, there is currently a tourist attraction with a system of walking paths, an overlook of the area, an ancient olive press, burial tombs, structures from the Byzantine period and cisterns from Biblical times, as well as a 3D audio-visual model of the Mishkan, a light and sound presentation that teaches the story and importance of the site, and a cafe. The main attraction of the site is the new, impressive tower that provides a view of the entire surrounding region, with a unique light and sound show that is projected onto the inner windows of the tower. The Ancient Shiloh museum features rare artifacts on the first floor of the tower. 

Ancient Shiloh attracts many groups of tourists from Israel and abroad throughout the year, and during the summer months, special occasions are also hosted at the site. The visitor center is also used to host Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, circumcisions and family events.


In Shiloh and the surrounding areas, about 150 dunams are cultivated, with olive groves, pomegranates, fields of flowers, vineyards and an experimental hothouse. In addition, there are two chicken coops with organic eggs. The agricultural produce is marketed in Israel and exported.


There are regular buses to Shiloh during the day and at night. Bus lines between Jerusalem and Shiloh are:

461 and 463.

In the opposite direction, this bus line leaves from Ariel, goes through Eli to Shiloh, and from Shiloh to Jerusalem via Ofra.


Contact person Chava Kleinman,  [email protected]