Adam – Geva Binyamin

Adam (also known as Geva Binyamin) is an urban-style yishuv located in southern Binyamin, a five-minute drive from Jerusalem. There are currently 1,300 families living in Adam from across the spectrum of Israeli society.

Officially, the yishuv was named Geva Binyamin after the city of Kohanim that was located in the portion of the tribe of Binyamin during the period of the Judges. But the local residents continue to refer to the yishuv as “Adam.” Today, this is one of the largest yishuvim in Binyamin, attracting many young couples due to its proximity to Jerusalem and comfortable living conditions.  There are many private detached homes in Adam, as well as apartments and multi-family homes. This is a mixed yishuv where secular, religious, and ultra-Orthodox Jews live together as good neighbors.


There are many synagogues in Adam used by all of the different residents.

There are two elementary schools – a religious public school and an ultra-Orthodox school. There are also several kindergartens, including a language-development kindergarten, an emotional-development kindergarten, and a daycare for babies and toddlers. The residents enjoy a range of public playgrounds, a sports auditorium, extracurricular activities, a library, sports courts and fields, and more.

There are branches of the Clalit and Meuhedet health services in Adam, as well as two mini-markets and a small shopping center. Activities are arranged for the youth, and there are branches of Bnei Akiva.

There is constant public transportation in Adam.


Workplaces in Adam include the schools, a carpentry, a shopping center, the Kupat Cholim health clinics, an activity center for all ages, extracurricular activities, including a professional dance studio, a senior citizen club, and more.

Many residents of the yishuv work in Jerusalem or in the neighboring yishuvim.


Oro Shel Adam is an Aliyah out-reach organization based in Adam.

The organization services a wide variety of Olim: IDF Lone Soldiers, Singles and Families to create a sustainable life in Israel. We are focused on Yishuv Adam.

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