Alon is a yishuv located at the northern side of the Judean Desert, near the main road from Jerusalem to the Dead Sea (20 minutes away from Jerusalem). The yishuv was established in April 1990 and is one of the Gush Adumim yishuvim – Nofei Prat, Kfar Adumim and Alon – which are all dedicated to a unique lifestyle of cooperation between religious and secular residents. Their goal is to live together not just as good neighbors, but with a genuine desire to live shared community and cultural lives despite their differences. There are 250 families living in Alon. The yishuv is named after Yigal Alon, one of the pioneers of the paving of Alon Highway.

Management of the yishuv:

The yishuv is managed by voluntary committees. The committees are chosen by the members of the yishuv out of all of the candidates interested in volunteering.


The administrative committee of the yishuv manages the various different voluntary committees, who work to develop the community and cultural life in the yishuv. These include committees focused on culture, absorption, education, community, synagogue, beautification, and more.

Housing options:

The public buildings and schools are located in the center of the yishuv. To one side is a neighborhood of caravans – small units for rent, and around them are several neighborhoods with permanent homes. There is also a new neighborhood that is currently under development and construction.


*There is a daycare (maon) and a small nursery (mishpachton) which are owned by the yishuv and run by a professional staff.

*In addition to the daycare, there are four kindergartens that cater to the children of the yishuv, from the age of 3 until completion of Pre-1st. There is also an afternoon daycare program for children enrolled in the kindergartens, for an additional fee, throughout the school year.

*There is an elementary school in Alon.

In the nearby yishuv, Kfar Adumim, which is about 2km west of Alon, there is a regional high school attended by children from the region.

*Youth –

Youth activities in Alon are coordinated by the youth coordinators, who are active members of the yishuv staff and cater to the needs of the adolescents from 7th-12th grades. The youth coordinators are responsible for all of the informal youth activities that take place in the community. The yishuv has an active youth clubhouse.

*Tzofim –

The youth group active in Gush Adumim is HaTzofim (Israeli Scouts). The group is run in the style of the regional yishuvim for children from 4th grade and up. Shevet Yehuda is located in Kfar Adumim and is one of the leading branches in the Jerusalem vicinity.

Community –

Community life in Alon includes extensive cultural activities, enrichment classes and events for adults, children and adolescents, in order to create a culturally rich community that can express itself in all areas of life.

Events and activities are centered around the Jewish and Israeli calendar year, with special attention given to the various needs that arise in the community.

This area is coordinated by the yishuv’s community coordinator, who can be contacted with any questions or requests.

Library –

There is a library in Alon that is both a place to check out books and a community/cultural center where various educational and enriching activities are held from the world of books and literature, for a range of ages. Librarian: Salit Hod

Midreshet Beit Prat –

Midreshet Beit Prat is a Beit Midrash for social leadership that is active in the yishuv.

Additional Services –


There is a minyan every day for Shacharit and Maariv, as well as Torah classes throughout the week in the Beit Midrash. On Shabbat, aside from the prayer services, there are also activities for children, Torah classes and more.


There is a women’s mikveh and a keilim mikveh in the yishuv.

Public buildings:

Used by the local residents for events, enrichment classes, and various activities. They can also be rented for private events. Rental includes use of the tables and chairs, full kitchen equipment and cleaning services after the event.

Early Childhood Center –

The center is located in the center of the yishuv opposite the public buildings and the synagogue, and it is used by preschool children all hours of the day, all week.

The center includes a Gymboree and various toys and make-believe corners.

There is a quiet room for playing board games and building games, and a crafts room used for weekly crafts classes.

During the morning hours, the children from the daycare enjoy the Gymboree space. On Mondays, the space is open to women in the Post-Partum Club and in the early afternoon hours, the children of the afternoon daycare enjoy the center.

There are three days a week (Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday from 4-6 PM) when the center is open to all of the children in the yishuv who are of daycare – kindergarten age. The building is also used to host enrichment classes in the late afternoon and evening.

Mamalon Post-Partum Club:

There is an active group in the yishuv of women who have recently given birth and are home with their babies. They meet on a weekly basis at the center and throughout the year, they enjoy workshops and lectures on various relevant topics. The club is connected to the Family Department of the Binyamin Regional Council.


There is a branch of Meuhedet Health Services in Gush Adumim which provides nurse services, a lab and various physicians. In the nearby city of Maale Adumim, which is a 5-minute drive away, there are also other HMOs – Maccabi, Clalit and Leumit. Tipat Chalav services for babies and toddlers are provided in Maale Adumim.

Public Transportation –

Egged Bus 215 reaches the yishuv very frequently (the bus stop is at the entrance of the yishuv).



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