About the Yishuv:

Ganei Modiin is an ultra-Orthodox yishuv that is home to about 850 families. The population is composed of ultra-Orthodox and religious-Zionist families, long-time Israelis and families who immigrated from different countries around the world. All of the families are religious and Torah observant.


The yishuv is located a half-hour drive away from both Tel Aviv and from Jerusalem, and just five minutes away from the city of Modiin and its industrial and commercial areas. Ben Gurion International Airport is also just a short drive away. The yishuv is close to Chashmonaim, and its entrance is from the main entrance of Chashmonaim.

Religious Services:

There are 12 synagogues in Ganei Modiin (some in private homes and some in public buildings), including synagogues for Yemenite, Sephardic and Ashkenazi Jews.

There are regular Tehillim groups for children and adolescents, as well as Torah lectures and classes.

There are mikvehs for men and women, respectively.

There are three kollels.

Future Growth:

There are several construction projects underway, with apartments of varying sizes and layouts and a wide price range. Come build your future in a religious yishuv, in the center of Israel!

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