Amichai was established in March 2018 for residents who were evacuated from the yishuv of Amona, which was demolished by order of the Supreme Court about a year earlier. The yishuv is in the Shiloh Valley and there is a lot of new construction underway.

The yishuv is home to a diverse population: college students and independent professionals, teachers and married yeshiva students, farmers and artists. Each family, with its own unique style, contributes to the colorful community that is warm and cohesive. The involvement and mutual support among the residents is apparent. Residents take an active part in the establishment of the yishuv and in determining its character.

There is a daycare center and a kindergarten in the yishuv. The school-aged children study at the regional elementary school in Shiloh and at the Talmud Torah – Zimrat Ha’aretz, located in the yishuv.

There are extensive community events in the yishuv. There is a branch of the Ariel youth movement, extracurricular activities, cultural events, activities for teens, a playroom, and more.

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