We believe in the importance of enhancing the quality of life of our residents, strengthening their sense of belonging, and creating healthy communities.

In Binyamin, there is rich community life, including a wide range of cultural events for the entire family, mutual assistance, support and guidance for all stages of life (early childhood, youth, mothers post-birth, senior citizens, etc.). There are many volunteer opportunities and various services such as libraries, gymborees, social clubs and more. The pleasant social atmosphere and the sense of mutual responsibility is very palpable in the various yishuvim, making the challenging absorption period so much easier. Yishuvim also have coordinators in charge of community affairs, culture and youth, who are attentive to the needs of the residents.

The wide range of communities all across the religious spectrum allows families with different lifestyles to find the community that is right for them.

Binyamin Wome

The Binyamin Community Center (Matnas) is the “social home” of the Regional Council, coordinating cultural and community activities in all of the yishuvim. Activities cater to residents of all ages: children, teens, adults and senior citizens. In addition to the local activities, the Matnas provides professional guidance to each community individually, organizes community-wide and region-wide cultural and sports events, provides scholarships to college students, and much more.

Binyamin activity

The Five Community Hub Initiative

 The Binyamin Regional Council is the largest regional council in all of Israel with over 80,000 residents, of which 50% are under the age of 18, and is comprised of 46 different communities, hundreds of nurseries and kindergartens and 62 elementary and high schools. These communities provide the framework for the strengthening of the suburbs surrounding Jerusalem.

The next natural next step is to add community center buildings. We are therefore planning to commence construction of five community hubs to be built according to high architectural and building standards with the most modern amenities and equipment. These hubs will foster a bond between the residents of the different settlements and will be the center of social, cultural and sporting events.

The cost justification of building community centers that will serve groups of settlements is that this allows for efficient use of resources by providing activities to a larger audience and will better enable the centers to become self-sustaining in terms of operational and maintenance costs in the long run.

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