Mitzpe Danny is an offshoot of the town of Maaleh Michmas, founded in memory of Danny Frei, a resident of Michmas who was murdered by terrorists who broke into his

home. There are currently about 50 families living in Mitzpe Danny and the community is characterized by its warm social atmosphere and continuous ambition to grow and develop.

Mitzpe Danny offers a view that is rare in its beauty, with the desert frontier of the Binyamin region unfolding at its slope. From this site, it is possible to see Jerusalem, the Dead Sea and the Edom and Moab Mountains. The ancient roads of Binyamin that once led from Jericho to Beit El during the period of the prophets can still be seen crossing below the town. Artifacts discovered in caves in this area disclose that these caves were once used as hiding places by those fleeing during the destruction of the Second Temple.


Worth visiting:

Mitzpeh Danni Lookout