Mitzpe Hagit is an offshoot of the town of Kfar Adumim. It was named after Hagit Zavitsky of Kfar Adumim, who was murdered together with her friend Liat Kastiel at Prat Stream in 1998. About a year after the murder, Mitzpe Hagit was established by the Ben Dor family, who felt the need to take action after the murder and also understood the importance of maintaining a sequence of Jewish towns along the Alon Highway.

Today, there are several religious and secular families who hope to sustain themselves locally and live a life that is as close as possible to nature and the earth. The families attempt to solidify the country’s hold of the local land by raising herds of sheep that graze in the area, and by establishing projects that will increase the number of visitors to the area.

Mitzpe Hagit functions today as an ecological tourist site where the residents recycle water and maintain an ecological atmosphere around them.