Migron is located adjacent to Highway 60 north of Jerusalem, and is currently home to about 50 families. The name Migron is mentioned in the Bible in the book of Samuel I as the site where Saul, king of Israel, was camped during his war against the Philistines. Today’s residents are involved in various different occupations: scholars, community employees, educators and teachers, college students and professionals. The approximately 200 children in the community between the ages of 0-17 study at the various educational institutions in Migron and outside the town. There are also several recreational facilities for children in Migron: a public playground, an indoor playroom with a Gymboree open during the afternoon hours and a public library with books for all ages.

The town is characterized by its vibrant communal lifestyle while simultaneously ensuring that the privacy of each family is maintained. Every family adds its unique contribution to the community.

In 2012, after several years of a complicated public and legal battles over the land, the town was uprooted from its original location and the families resettled at an alternative location near Psagot Winery.