Mevo Horon was the first town in Binyamin, established in 1969 in the Ayalon Valley. It is located on a hill at the northern side of the Ayalon Valley, near the biblical location of Ayalon. According to some opinions, the town in fact resides atop the ruins of the ancient city of Nov, the city of Kohanim [priests]. An Arab town called Beit Nova was located near this site until 1967. Mevo Horon is 250 meters above sea level at the border of the Binyamin region, in the valley where Joshua stated, “Sun, stand still in Givon, and moon in the valley of Ayalon” (Joshua 10:12). Mevo Horon was founded by a group from the Ezra youth movement as a kibbutz belonging to the Poalei Agudat Yisrael settlement organization. There are currently about 300 families in the town and many children. The population is religious and ultra-Orthodox and they maintain a strongly religious lifestyle that incorporates a life of work and employment. A significant number of the residents work within the town itself, while others travel outside to work.

The local cooperative is based primarily on agriculture and includes several branches: a wine vineyard, field crops, a turkey coop and a barn with cows for dairy and meat production. The vast grazing areas extend to the entire area of Park (Canada) Ayalon. In 1989, a catering company by the name Mevushelet (CIP) was established, where meal portions are produced according to a unique method originally purchased in France but has been greatly improved and enhanced by the company’s managers over the years. Today, the company employs some of the town’s residents, while many of the employees (who work in three different shifts at the company) come from the cities of Ramle, Lod and Ashdod.

Mevo Horon includes an industrial zone with several businesses.


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