Industry and Employment


The proximity of our communities to Jerusalem opens up a wide range of employment opportunities. In Binyamin, there are over 3,000 small, medium and large businesses that operate in the yishuvim as well as in commercial centers and tourist locations. The largest employment areas in the region are:

Har Hotzvim Hi-Tech Park in Jerusalem is one of the leading hi-tech centers in the country. It houses over 300 companies and 10,000 employees. Over the next few years, the park will be expanding to add 150,000 square meters for additional businesses.

Park Adumim for Industry and Business, the Maale Adumim industrial zone, is located on the Jerusalem-Dead Sea highway, about a 10-minute drive from Jerusalem, at the crossroads of central Israel between the north and south. Today, there are 340 factories and businesses active in Park Adumim in a wide range of fields: industry, commerce, garages, a vehicle licensing station, food, textile, construction materials, aluminum, metals, carpentries, print and more. The park offers entrepreneurs, industry professionals and business owners a wide range of new opportunities – a central location, unique work environment, special grants, low property tax rates, readily available manpower, attractive land prices and many future land reserves designated for planning and development.

Shaar Binyamin Industrial Zone is a commercial center in eastern Binyamin, about a ten-minute drive from Jerusalem. The complex contains large supermarkets, a bakery, a gym, health clinics, a furniture store, clothing stores, an optician’s shop, a baby products and toy store, an outdoor recreation store, shoe store, home products store, a family development center, vehicle services such as a tire shop and garage, the boutique Psagot Winery which is also used to host events and conferences, and a public workspace – Binyamin Tech.


In the city of Modiin, which is developing rapidly, there are industrial zones, commercial areas and many shopping centers both inside the city and nearby.

The proximity to Tel Aviv and the cities at Israel’s center, as well as to Ben Gurion Airport, open up an additional, unlimited range of different professional opportunities.


Binyamin Tech: A Coworking Space and Offices

The Perfect Conditions for Your Success!

A successful business is not a matter of good luck. To succeed, you need the best possible conditions.

An environment that will push you forward and give you the tools you need on your path to success.

Binyamin Tech is a new, colorful, modern workspace composed of joint work spaces in the hi-tech incubator style that has become popular in Israel and internationally.

What’s in it for you?

A sleek office, spaces to host guests and meeting rooms – and peace of mind regarding the small details that you don’t really need to be worrying about – cleaning services, all sorts of payments and an unnecessary sense of isolation. Oh, and did we mention the excellent espresso machine?

It’s no secret that to really succeed – you need the best conditions

Here at Binyamin Tech, office leasers enjoy a range of innovative, professional courses and workshops every week with the best lecturers. The content is tailored specifically to their needs. Most importantly – you’re at the top. Working in an environment where there is positive energy, a productive atmosphere and even healthy competition gives you stronger motivation to advance and succeed.

Non-Stop Networking

We believe that it’s not a vacuum. If you’re not going up, you’re going down.

To create more and more successes and to expand, you need an environment that will facilitate an infinite number of new opportunities.

Our office leasers at Binyamin Tech enjoy being part of a warm, enveloping community of entrepreneurs and business owners, and are exposed to more and more collaborations and business connections on a daily basis, as well as meetings with investors and new customers.

Every week, members of the complex meet for an indulgent happy hour where new, surprising connections are also made. It’s always possible to receive pointers and advice on any question thanks to the wide range of specialties of the members at Binyamin Tech.


That’s Not All…

The staff of the complex provides members with a full set of services to push their businesses forward. Brainstorming meetings prior to making changes and decisions, referrals to advisors, personalized adaptation of courses when needed, networking events and collaborations with projects outside of Binyamin Tech too.

When you purchase a membership, you receive free access to all of the courses and workshops, as well as time to consult with the lecturers at no additional charge.

Our fully equipped, indulgent kitchen is at your service.

You can use the meeting rooms for 4 hours a month, in addition to unlimited use of the various guest spaces in the complex free of charge.

As we mentioned, from the moment that you’re a member, you can forget taking care of cleaning and other nuisances such as electricity, water, property tax and internet bills.

No long-term commitment necessary! All that’s left for you to do is sign up… For more information and to join: 052-5666679 [email protected]


About Binyamin Tech

Binyamin Tech was established in order to provide a business environment for hi-tech companies wile connecting the residents of Binyamin to the tech industry. The goal is to have hundreds of employees working in the programming industry in Binyamin within 5 years.

So what have we done so far?

  • Built a workspace at Shaar Binyamin to encourage entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Encouraging local entrepreneurship – courses, accelerator and connections in the industry
  • Creating a local tech community – events, enrichment courses, conferences and connections within the Israeli ecosystem
  • Beta – School for Hi-Tech Professions – learning only subjects in which there is employment


Future plans:

  • Establishment of a software company as a model to attract additional companies
  • Academic collaboration with Ariel University
  • Establishment of an investment fund/venture capital for local industry
  • Incentive programs and grants for hi-tech companies
  • Building a hi-tech park in Shaar Binyamin and additional industrial zones in Binyamin


Additional Projects of Binyamin Tech:

Beta – Binyamin Tech Academy

Beta College, Binyamin Tech’s school of high-tech professions, was established in order to expand employment opportunities for residents of Binyamin.

Study tracks:

1. Full stack developer

2. UI/UX designer

The Gate Accelerator

A six-month accelerator program to promote technological initiatives within a short period of time. The program is meant for startups at their early stages and provides them with tools, knowledge and connections to the hi-tech industry that will help them succeed in recruiting the initial capital to found their company.

The program provides entrepreneurs:

  • Diverse content in lectures, workshops and tours in the industry
  • Meetings with investors and mentors
  • Connection to international law firms and CPA firms
  • Free cloud services (Google Cloud or AWS)
  • Free use of the work space and offices of Binyamin Tech to work on the initiative

The Creativity Lab – Entrepreneurship and Hi-Tech for Children and Teens

In the Lab programs, we develop curiosity, thinking and creativity, collaboration, project management and researching. These skills will help the next generation integrate at the forefront of the 21st century industries.


  • The Maker program at schools in the regional council, where children learn to program by building real products based on Arduino.
  • A Maker room open in the afternoon, in a library-style format, to allow students to experiment and learn how to use a 3D printer, programming and electronics.
  • Annual hackathon, events and conferences

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