It All Starts with Education

The Regional Council operates the educational system in Binyamin along with the Ministry of Education, and the various schools win dozens of prizes annual for the unique, excellent education that they provide.


Public Education – From Zero to 18

Educational services are provided from the age of birth (3 months) until the end of high school, and include various schools adapted to the populations in the different yishuvim, such as ultra-Orthodox, modern Orthodox and secular education.

Among the many educational institutions in the region, there are:

  • 110 daycare classes
  • 236 kindergarten classes
  • 35 elementary schools
  • 19 high schools

Youth Movements and Informal Education

Great efforts are invested in the formal and informal educational programs in the different communities, and many yishuvim have their own youth coordinators who organize programming for the after-school hours. There are also many different youth movements, including Ariel, Bnei Akiva, Ezra and the religious Scouts.

In Binyamin, there is a unique organization called Lev Binyamin that focuses especially on special needs students. Some of the schools feature inclusion classrooms, out of a belief in integrated learning. A wonderful example of this can be found at the Ofra Girls High School.

The following are some of the highlights of projects at the schools:

Eretz Binyamin Program

The Eretz Binyamin program was developed by the Regional Council for 5th-6th grade students in Binyamin in order to connect the students to their yishuvim and strengthen their sense of belonging to their communities and to the Binyamin region in general. The program includes study booklets, outings and an annual public quiz for 6th graders.

Musical Binyamin

The Musical Binyamin program takes place in 15 schools across the Binyamin region, as chosen by the school principals and the parents. In the program, students are exposed to the language of music and to playing instruments, and given the opportunity to enrich themselves and develop their talents.

The professional staff of teachers includes 16 teachers who teach music lessons for wind instruments, guitars and string instruments in small groups at the school. The students are able to develop their musical skills and play at concerts and performances at school and regional events.

Swimming Lessons

Fifth and sixth grade students in Binyamin receive swimming lessons from licensed swim teachers, in small groups. The students are brought to swimming pools in different yishuvim by bus for a series of 10 lessons, after which they acquire the basic skills to safely swim in a pool.

Other Special Programs

Special programs to enhance English studies, preparations for athletics competitions, math Olympics, practical learning programs for programming and robotics. Two high schools, one for boys and one for girls, have special learning tracks for music.

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