At the bottom of the mountain, right below Givat Hayekevim, you’ll find a quaint café and pizzeria with an amazing pastoral view of the rolling hills of Binyamin.

The Olive Grove is named for the ancient olive presses and olive trees that have stood for centuries in this very spot - plus the on-site modern olive press used by the restaurant's owners to produce their own boutique olive oil.

The café offers an especially rich breakfast menu: breakfast for two, shakshuka, melted toasts, salads, pasta dishes, ravioli, quiches, soups, baked goods and of course – excellent coffee.

At the pizzeria, enjoy a homemade pizza made using only fresh, healthy ingredients. In addition to pizza with a variety of toppings, on the menu are also Yemenite dishes such as malawach, ziva, jachnun and more.

Hours: The cafe is open on Fridays only. The pizzeria is open Sunday-Thursday from 5 PM - 10 PM. 

Telephone: 050-9935299

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