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Visit the most beautiful region in Israel! Endless tourism opportunities

Just a short distance away from Jerusalem and the Shfela lies a refreshingly surprising area of the country. Dozens of mountain wells create picturesque springs and give life to stunning landscapes rich in flora and fauna.

Archeological sites and Genesis-like settings pull you into a voyage through time, and the people you meet are a fascinating variety of dream-fulfillers and originators steeped in values and action.Great prophets bearing national tidings walked through the hills of Binyamin: Deborah, Hannah and Samuel, Elijah and Elisha, Achiya and Jeremiah, and Saul too, the first king of Israel. Their words ignited the great dramas in the kingdom, and the spirit they inspired in their listeners led to social revolutions. You can still feel that spirit, the spirit of miracles and wonders, in this beautiful stretch of land.

From the Jordan Valley in the east to Lod and Modi’in in the west, from Samaria in the north to the Jerusalem Corridor in the south, the land of Binyamin offers you a multi-faceted experience of nature unrivalled in Israel.

West Binyamin – high lands and forests, green and blossoming, with springs, flourishing communities and breathtaking lookout points over the Coastal Plains.

East Binyamin and Nachal Prat – desert area, through the mountains flows Nachal Prat, with its spectacular springs and ice cool water, on its way to the Dead Sea and Matzok HaHeEtekim.

The Mountain and the Shiloh Valley – beautiful ancient area, in which the nation’s glorious past is as if recreated from the Bible itself – vibrant communities, vineyards, olive presses and award-winning wineries, in the same places as our forefathers harvested grapes and pressed olives thousands of years ago. The ancient capital of Israel – Shiloh – is also here, one of the most fascinating archeological sites in Israel, and one of many in Binyamin.

For further  information about the tourism opportunities in the area, check out the Binyamin Tourism Catalog below:

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