Nachal Prat and East Binyamin

Nachal Prat and its Springs

Nachal Prat runs for about 30km. It begins in the Jerusalem Hills, passes through the east Binyamin Hills and runs into the Jordan Valley near Jericho. You can find three water springs along its path, usually flowing all year round. Similarly, two monasteries and a wealth of beauty spots, shallow pools and archeological ruins.


Ein Prat


The westernmost spring in the wadi is located within a nature reserve, near the remains of a monastery from Byzantine times. There are picnic tables and lots of shaded areas, for relaxing and a dip in the water.

Opening Hours: Sun-Thurs and the Sabbath 08:00-17:00 (16:00 in winter), Friday and holiday eves 08:00-16:00 (15:00 in winter)


Entrance fee. 02-571-5859 


Ein Mabua

ein mabua

The central spring along Nachal Prat. This is a rhythmic spring, whose waters stop and start in a regular cycle. Thus the pool collecting the waters empties suddenly and then refills at regular cycles. Near the spring is a eucalyptus grove with picnic tables.


Ein Kelt


The lower spring, which flows from a crack in the chalk rock. On the southern bank of the brook, between the cliffs, is a pool from which the water continues to flow down an impressive waterfall into another pool below.  An ancient aqueduct carried the water from here to Jericho. The spring, the pools and the waterfall create a beautiful oasis. Near the spring is the St. George Monastery which was built on the side of a cliff.


St. George's Lookout

You can get here with a vehicle for a unique view of the monastery and the cliffs aligning the wadi.

Gav HaHar and Shiloh Valley


Ein Tut

ein tut

An enchanting spring on the mountainside, with a square half-meter deep pool under the shade of a huge strawberry tree overlooking the surrounding hills.


The pool collects the waters from the Ein Shiban Spring, otherwise known as "the old man with the white hairs." Organized picnic area and parking.


HaGevura Spring

hagevura sprin

A spring with two adjacent round pools, a deep one for adults and a shallow one for infants.

You will also find picnic tables and a changing room among the olive trees around the pools.

From the spring you can go up to Eli via the Amichai Route, a scenic route for walking and cycling.


The Jewish Brigades Parking Lot ǀ Nachal Shiloh

 Jewish brigades parking lot photography shahar cohen

A memorial depicting soldiers from the Jewish Brigades – commemorating 100 years since they passed through Binyamin and fought against the Turks in the First World War – stands in the large parking lot at the entrance to Nachal Shiloh. They were the first Jewish fighting force since the days of the Bar Kochba Rebellion.

In their memory, a sign telling their fascinating story has been erected at the site.


Ein Oz – west of Givat Harel

A layered spring in upper Nachal Shiloh, emanating from a cave adorned with ferns. The water is about half a meter deep.

The spring waters flow from the cave to two round pools: one for adults (1.50-1.80m deep) and the other for children (50cm-1m deep).

There are picnic tables and fig, strawberry and lemon trees.

HaKramim Spring

hakramim spring photography Yehoshua menashe

A beautiful spring in Kochav HaShachar set among trees, with a paddling pool and a pool about 1m deep. The water flows into the pools from an ecological fish pond and waterfalls. The spring complex is shaded and contains picnic tables and grass areas.

Parking is next to the spring and to the Kochav HaShachar Nature Reserve.


West Binyamin


Ateret Spring – near Ateret


A small spring carrying water to two square 5m-long pools joined by a small aqueduct: one is shallow (50-80 cm deep) and suitable for infants, and the other is deep (1.5-2m), and suitable for adults.

There are also picnic tables and benches from which one can enjoy the scenery.


Talmon Spring – near Talmon

talmon spring

A layered spring streaming into a pool about 4m long and 1.3-1.8m deep. Good for swimming. Impressive olive trees have been planted around the pool as well as picnic tables, a swing and a deck from which one can observe the stunning surroundings.


Meir Spring – near Neve Tzuf

meir spring photography shahar cohen

A group of springs flowing into paddling pools with a beautiful picnic area, shade and archeological remains.

Some believe that this is the Biblical site of Einaim (see Genesis 38:14)


Aner Springs – near Neria

aner spring

An enchanting springs complex amidst greenery with shaded seating areas and picnic tables.

There are a number of large and deep pools alongside pergolas offering shade and picnic tables among the thickets and fruit trees.

Near the springs are archeological ruins, including two burial caves, one of which contains a sarcophagus. You will also be able to identify an ancient irrigation system and the remains of ancient buildings.


Dolev Spring

dolev spring

A spring on the way up to Dolev with a wide pool and seating areas.


HaKeshatot Spring

hakeshatot spring

Contains three attractions: a pool, a well and a water tunnel.

The recommended route is to go into the pool, crawl through the tunnel to the well, swim in the well and make your way back through the tunnel to the pool. Alternatively, if you have rappelling gear, you can rappel into the well and crawl through the tunnel to the pool.

Surrounded by greenery and a picnic area.