The Binyamin Mountains overlook the Jordan Valley and Jordan Mountains to the east, the Samaria and Gilboa Mountains to the north, the coastal plains to the west and the Jerusalem Mountains to the south. The landscapes visible from the various observation points are of the beautiful land of Israel. Come visit some of the most magnificent lookout points:


Haresha Overlook, in the community of Haresha, overlooking the coastal plains.

view from Harasha

Givat Hayekevim Overlook, located in the archaeological site at Givat Hayekevim adjacent to Talmon, overlooking the coastal plains.

WInery Hill

Kida Lookout, with a view of the Jordan Valley, near the community of Kida.

Kida lookout

Hakaron Lookout, in Eli, with a view of the Binyamin Mountains.


Dani Lookout, A beautiful panoramic view of Jerusalem hills, the Judean desert and the Jordan valley .  Located in Mitzpeh Dani, outside the community Ma'aleh Michmash.

Dani lookout

The Dead Sea Balcony Lookout, at Mitzpeh Yericho. A beautiful view of the Dead Sea, the Jordan Valley and the Jericho, the world's most ancient city. 

Dead Sea Balcony

Elli Lookout, in Rimonim, with a view of the Jordan Valley and the Moab and Edom Mountains.

Rimonim Lookout

Ohad and Matat Lookout, in Beit Horon, with a view of the Binyamin Mountains and central Israel.

Beit Horon Lookout