Established in 1978, the town was founded adjacent to the ruins of the archaeological site of ancient Shiloh. There are about 320 families in Shiloh today and Shiloh serves as the local center for the smaller towns in the vicinity, housing local services and many educational institutions. At the foot of the slope is an industrial zone where Shiloh Winery, a green energy plant, a Judaica shop, carpentry workshops and other businesses are located. There are many artists in and near Shiloh and their work is sold at the Ancient Shiloh gift shop. In addition, there are several agricultural areas around Shiloh, including olive groves, vineyards, fig trees, kiwi fruit and more.

Worth Visiting: Ancient Shiloh archeological site, and the gift shop at the entrance of the site featuring local crafts and foods; Joe’s Place – wood crafting workshop; Shiloh Boutique Winery; the Shiloh synagogue built according to the dimensions of the ancient Tabernacle, located in the heart of the town.

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