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The Binyamin area covers approximately 250,000 acres of land. Yes, you read it correctly. This is a region with borders close to Jerusalem and the Shfela (Coastal Plains), with a population of more than 70,000 living in 46 villages or communities).

In Binyamin you will find a huge range of enchanting landscapes and natural springs, flora and fauna, ancient archeological sites – which testify to a rich past and a Jewish culture thousands of years old – and a fascinating encounter with a diverse group of people who are realizing dreams, and exemplifying Jewish values and entrepreneurial vision.

In light of the fact that the region spreads from the Jordan Valley in the east to the Lod and Modi'in area in the west; from Shomron (Samaria) in the north to the Jerusalem Corridor in the south, the views in Binyamin offer a multi-faceted experience of nature unlike any other in Israel.

West Binyamin – here you will find high, forested and mountainous areas, blossoming and bathed in green, with water streaming from the mountains, burgeoning communities and breathtaking lookout points overlooking the coastal plains.

East Binyamin and Nachal Prat – a mountainous desert landscape through which the stunning Nachal Prat flows with its beautiful springs and chilly waters, on the way to the Dead Sea and the HaHeetakim Cliffs.

Gav HaHar and the Shiloh Valley – an ancient, picturesque area in which our people's illustrious past is coming to life once again. Scenic communities, vineyards and olives and internationally-renowned boutique wineries in the same places our ancestors made wine thousands of years ago. Here you can also visit the ancient capital of Israel – Shiloh, one of the most important archeological sites in Israel. Shiloh, together with a treasury of other Biblical sites in Binyamin, has earned the region the name "The Land of the Bible."

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In Binyamin you wiןl find many exciting activities:

Sites and Walks: do you love to hike, soak up stunning scenery or take a dip in a natural spring? Or perhaps you're an archeology, history or Bible maven? A huge variety of trek paths awaits you here, from family routes to trails for seasoned hikers. The land of Binyamin also encompasses many spectacular lookout points, ancient landscapes, flowing waters and a wealth of places you may be familiar with from history and the Bible.

Workshops and Crafts: Fancy a visit to an art gallery or an artist's masterclass? Want to take the kids on some adventure activity? Or a delightful visit to a boutique winery? We have all of these and more – rural guest houses, arts and crafts workshops, special children's attractions and many more options.

Restaurants and Cafés: Has all that walking and having a good time made you hungry? Here in Binyamin you can find all sorts of places to eat in, from small cafes and falafel stalls to exclusive haute cuisine. You can also taste award-winning wines, visit impressive olive presses… in short, go to the culinary section and you won’t be hungry for long!

Attractions: Addicted to adrenalin? We have plenty to give you! Whether you're into ATVs or rock climbing, Binyamin will have something to excite you. Look at the Attractions section and find a thrill you haven't experienced yet.

And if you just can’t get enough singles, and your bike is on standby all the time, there's no way you're going to miss out on our fun singles tracks in Binyamin.

Tzimmers (small bed and breakfast accommodation) and rural guest houses: You can sleep over in amazing rural accommodation that will recharge your soul – wake up to picture-perfect landscapes, your own private swimming pool or any number of cozy wood cabins.

You are about to leaf through a catalogue combining all the hiking/vacation options in Binyamin so you can create the perfect day or few days for you and your family.

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