Psagot Winery  Visitors Center, wine tastings, events

Psagot Winery and its vineyards planted deep in the rocky soil of Benjamin in Israel, is a continuation of wine production dating back thousands of years in an area that is optimal for its quality grapes.
The winery was established in 2003 and has been growing steadily ever since. Today the winery produces over 600,000 bottles that includes 15 different types of quality wines. Over 70% of these wines are exported to over 27 countries and duty free locations around the world.  The wines have been entered in prestigious competitions and have won awards and medals of distinction from the international community.
In June 2020, Psagot Winery moved to its new location at Sha’ar Binyamin.  In a beautiful stone structure built in the shape of an ancient inn the winery overlooks Wadi Kelt and the Edom Mountains.
The winery is divided into two sections; the wine production plant and the impressive visiting center that includes a barrel room below where over 1,000 barrels are aged each year.  The visiting center is also a beautiful events hall that includes the open compound with a magical garden overlooking the original landscape of the area.
Psagot Winery offers tours for groups and individuals, small and large events, conferences, seminars in a special atmosphere with good wine and spectacular views.
It is only a 15 minute drive from north of Jerusalem

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Shiloh Winery ǀ Shiloh Industrial Area – Kosher

Tours and Wine Tasting

The Shiloh Winery was opened in 2005. Today it produces approximately 40,000 bottles a year. The winery's vineyards are characterized by rocky ground underneath red soil, and the grapes are harvested by hand in the early hours of the morning.

Vintner Amichai Luria has become a rising star in the wine field, and the wines he produces are sold in Israel, the US and in South America, among other places. Shiloh Winery wines win top international awards every year.

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Gevaot Winery ǀ Givat Harel – Kosher Tours and Wine Tasting

A boutique family winery opened in 2005 by businessman Amnon Weiss and Head Vintner Dr. Shivi Drori, agronomist and researcher in vines and wine at Ariel University.

The study headed by Dr. Drori revealed about 60 strains of wine grapes indigent to the Land of Israel, which led to the production of original wines from grapes grown in Israel – and in the Samaria area in particular – for thousands of years.

The winery only produces approximately 65,000 bottles a year, with the aim of giving maximum attention to each and every bottle while upholding the highest standards of quality throughout the production process. The wines undergo cold and slow fermentation for maximum preservation of the grapes' tastes and aromas and to produce particularly elegant wines.

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Tanya Winery ǀ Ofra – Kosher Tours and Wine Tasting

One of the first family boutique wineries in Israel, established by Yoram Cohen in 2002. Now produces about 40,000 bottles a year of eight different wines. The winery advocates minimal intervention in the wine's natural development process, and so each series of wine that leaves the winery represents a once-only realization of the quality of the grapes the wine was made from.

To make this approach a success, they bring the grapes from the winery's vineyards at optimal ripening in small and night-cold crates, after treating them by hand in the traditional way. Along the entire process, from the moment of harvest through to actually opening the bottle, the wine is given the optimal conditions for developing its own unique and deep character.

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Meshek Achiya  Visitors Center and Meshek Achiya products store 

Location: Shiloh Industrial Area – Kosher

The company grows thousands of acres of olive trees in the Binyamin area, and is idealistically engaged in Jewish, Zionist agriculture. All aspects of the olive oil production are Israeli. You can arrange a visit during the harvest season and watch olive oil production in action.

For further details: 02-9401313

Anatot Winery ǀ Anatot

Cheese and Wine Tastings

Anatot Winery was established in 1998 by Aharon Helfgott and Arnon Erez, who still manage it today. The winery produces only 10,000 bottles a year, but it is wine that is highly regarded among winetasters and has won numerous prestigious awards.

Next to the winery is the Notra Visitors Center, which offers hospitality, tours and private events. 050-2600324


Karma Olive Press ǀ Mishor Adumim Junction

A boutique olive press that produces up to 50 tons of oil a year, from different and special strains: the delicate manzanillo for eating, picual for cooking and frying, picholine and barnea.

In 2018, the Karma olive oils won a number of medals in international competitions.

To arrange tours and tastings: 02-9974477